Colby's friend's Elita & AsherElita and Asher are typical terriers and love to play. Elita loves to dig in the yard or flower beds. Asher never does that. They both love toys and have so many. Elita's favourite is either a stuffed duck or a stuffed ladybug. Asher isn't as particular and loves all toys. But he's rougher than Elita is with the toys. Elita is 4 years old and Asher is 3 years. And she thinks she's his mother. She wants to groom him all the time and he just lays there letting her do it. He closes his eyes while she does his eyes, ears, forehead, and teeth, and when she's done, he stands up and kisses her.

Elita is the boss even though Asher is three inches taller than she is. When she's barking out her orders to Asher, he just stands there and looks at her. Then he kisses her and goes off to do whatever she tells him to do.