Colby's friend Bigfoot FletchI am so glad you are keeping up this wonderful tradition. Cookie Monster was one of Casey's early pen pals, so it is only proper that her brother "Bigfoot" Fletch correspond with Colby. Bigfoot is a wonderful guy who came to us from Washington State but has become a true California Boy. He loves chasing and scolding the squirrels in his back yard (or wherever he finds them), running an agility course and lives for his snuggle time too! The photo attached is BF the park near our house...He has just heard or sniffed a squirrel! Oh, yes, one of his favorite snacks happens to be apples too! However, he does not have his own tree to pick apples.

Bigfoot Fletch is actually "Sir Fletcher of Merrywind" - Not that he likes to be called all of that - he definitely prefers Fletch or BF!

Wiry woofs and wags to Colby from Bigfoot Fletch and big hugs from BF's Mom.

Bigfoot Fletch & Carol