Colby's friend CharlieMy name is Charlie Daniel, I like to just kind of lie around and watch over my Kingdom, if a stray leaf or anything dares to come in my yard, I sound the wire fox terrier barking alarm to my mom and dad, so that they can remove the object that offends me.

I live in the North-eastern corner of the State of Iowa, my mom, says I live in a state of confusion, but that's cause she just doesn't understand the way of the wire fox, I find lots of mischief to get into, you don't want details, believe me!

My hobbies are lying on the back of the couch, laying in my dads lap, and watching TV. Then we get to the exercise part, I get up and drink lots of water, so that I can go out and tinkle on everything, sometimes I can hold it pretty well, for a long time. I kind of do as I please, as I am a wire fox terrier, and have my own set of rules.

Charlie Daniel