Colby's friend's Libby & DylanHi,we are Libby and Dylan (Dylan is the big one) and we live in Minnesota. We have a big brother named Scout (black lab) that we like to play with. He has big ears and lots of loose skin around his neck that we hang on and bite. Dylan and I love to play together, we chase each other all the time ! We love to bark at the deer and cats in our yard too. They're scared of us! I love the snow, and I love to swim and to run, run, run! Dylan likes to be on mom's lap and give her kisses. I'm too busy for that, but at the end of the day we both curl up with mom and dad. When we snuggle up together mom gets all teary eyed and calls us her babies. She calls me her "princess" and her "sweetpea" too, and dylan is her "buddy boy" and "pickle". Come and visit us in Minnesota!