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The Puppy Years
Casey's Greetings
header The Puppy Years

We brought our new puppy home, and began the puppy training. First, we needed a name. From that very first day we were brought together as a new family, it was obvious he possessed special characteristics. A natural jester, always ready to play. His gentle and loyal nature noticed very early. The task of choosing a suitable registered name was easy. Our new puppy was given the name Aarondare Casey's Celtic Charm. We affectionately call him Casey for short. His name was chosen to honor his breeding origin and his characteristically charming nature.

puppy Casey

So, the training begins. It had been a very long time since David or I had raised a puppy. So it seemed we were all in training sort of speak. The first task at hand, housebreaking. Even as I write this I giggle. We certainly made our share of mistakes. The first mistake, was giving Casey the run of the entire house. This was not a good idea at all. It was very difficult to keep track of a puppy not house broken when that urge happens. So understandably, a few accidents occurred on the carpets. A better idea, restrict the areas of the house that the puppy is allowed until the housebreaking is successful! During the first few weeks with Casey adjusting to his new home, we quickly realized we needed help with the training. This trial and error approach to puppy training were causing allot of confusion for Casey, and for us as well. We found a very good dog obedience class and went to school, all of us! I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I highly recommend this type of training. We were all learning the same rules. We were now communicating at a level Casey better understood. Teaching and reinforcing those rules with that secret weapon Consistency! After ten weeks, a remarkable transition was achieved. Casey learned socialization. Being with a room full of dogs every week taught this. We learned everything from grooming, good health, exercising, and of course all the traditional commands. We mastered sit, stay, heeling, proper leash walking and much more. We were given all the information we needed to promote responsible dog ownership. We graduated from dog class and received our little diploma. A very proud day of accomplishment. We are often complemented on how well-behaved Casey can be. We attribute this largely to the training we received from obedience class.

It was now time to introduce Casey to the rest of the family. By this, I mean David's family and mine as well. Casey quickly won everyone's heart. He is very social and comfortable meeting new people. We noticed early, Casey has a greater affinity towards females rather than males. We do not understand the reason for this, he is simply a lady's man I guess! In my family, this should not surprise you to learn that all my brothers and sisters have one or more dogs. Casey has many fur cousins, six to be exact. So when our family all get together, especially at Christmas, it is pandemonium! Actually, they all get along really well. Only minor disagreements on the so called pecking order from time to time.

tara   scotty   holly & brandy   teeka   rocko

Another major decision during the puppy year, was making sure Casey's health care needs were met. This meant finding a good veterinarian We felt so comfortable with the veterinarian we chose. He taught us everything from care of the coat, nails, teeth, and yearly checkups. We were also asked to consider the issue of neutering, if breeding was not in Casey's future. David and I had decided this was the responsible decision to make. We had no intention to breed Casey. We simply wanted a healthy family pet. So the neutering was done. While Casey was under anesthesia he also had his registration identification tattoo applied. There is often much controversy about whether or not to neuter a dog. There will always be a difference of opinion on this subject. I think you need to do what is right for the dog and for you. Just prior to having this procedure done, Casey's hormones were awakening. This was often a very trying time, as he was only responding to his urges. We found that after the neutering procedure Casey was calmer, and more focused to training as he moved into the adult years.

dr worb

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