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The Adult Years
Casey's Greetings
header The Adult Years

A year old now, we discovered Casey possessed some unique habits. Keeping in mind Casey is a terrier, traditionally bred to be an earther. He loves to be anywhere near water!

water sports     casey in pool

It is a well know fact that most dogs dislike the bath. They will go to great lengths to avoid it at all costs. As you might have guessed, Casey is not like most dogs! He absolutely goes wild when he hears the bathtub filling with water and his towels are brought from the closet. He literally jumps in the tub himself and plays with his tub toys. The only problem that we ever encounter, is getting him out of the bathtub. He has jumped back in on more than one occasion when my back was turned! Splish, splash he was taken a bath.

casey bath 5   casey bath 1   casey bath 4   casey bath 3   casey bath 6   casey bath 2

On another occasion while gardening, we noticed something rather odd. We have a small apple tree in the backyard. The tree is mature enough to bear fruit. We noticed there were tiny bites taken from the apples on the lower branches. Assuming the birds were eating the apples, we thought nothing more of it. Until, one day we caught him in the act. Casey was eating the apples off the tree and leaving the apple core still hanging from the branch. Now that is something you do not see everyday!

casey eating apples

During the winter of the second year Casey was with us, the weather was particularly cold. In the Canadian prairies the weather can be quite harsh. In order to protect Casey from the elements, a winter dog coat and boots were the solution. This did not go over very well, as you can see in the photos provided. Casey quickly learned to accept the coat and boots, as the alternative of cold paws was much worse. Winter, strangely enough is his favorite season! He spends endless hours frolicking around in the snow. Discovering that the snow is very refreshing to a big thirst.

Casey winter boots high stepping   snow dog   casey dressed for winter

Casey has the energy and the spirit of a puppy, and now is more than ten years old. Sadly, we must now face the fact that he is entering his senior years.

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