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Fun Facts
Casey's Greetings
header Fun Facts

terriers-button Casey is a single unattached young lad, who always has an eye for the ladies. Human or Canine it does not matter.

terriers-button He can sit, lie, shake paws, and jump, especially if you have a treat for him.

terriers-button He has many nicknames, and responds to all of them. But responds best to a kind voice and lots of love.

terriers-button If you like a "lap dog ", Casey is the champ. You will have him in your lap before you own bottom touches the chair! A master of the art of cuddling.

terriers-button He tries to go everywhere with David, If you got the car keys, Casey is not far behind.

terriers-button Casey is loved by all who meet him. People are easily won over by his charming nature.

Things Casey Likes

  • Female humans, especially Wendy.
  • Female Canines.
  • His leash, for long walks.
  • Long naps & belly rubs.
  • Taking a bath, with all the bath toys
  • Sticking his head out the car window.
  • Car rides.
  • And to play with all my toys, especially my ball.

Things Casey Dislikes

  • Going to the vet.
  • Getting my nails cut (pet-o-cure)
  • Thunder and lightning.
  • When he is left alone for too long.
  • When my Mom & Dad go on vacation.
  • Getting my paws washed , when I play in the mud.
  • And when I have to wear my snow boots in the winter.

For even more fun, visit Casey's Photo Gallery

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