2011 SOTY Colby's Choice

Our esteemed guest panel of judges have reviewed, evaluated and have chosen MFO: Mitchell Family Online as the sixth recipient of Casey's Celtic Charm Awards SOTY - Colby's Choice 2011. We are extremely proud to announce and award this deserving site with our SOTY award.

Site Description: MFO: Mitchell Family Online - Although these pages started out as a family tree project, it soon became very clear to them that the term 'Family Tree' was never going to just be the story of one family name! Their inquisitive nature has caused them to wander into areas of only very distant connections but nevertheless, they hope you find that exploring this site is as interesting as they found researching it's content.

Mitchell Family Online SOTY Winner 2011

Judges Comments:

The work and compilation of information is outstanding. This is not a site easily done and a very time consuming project. The content is well displayed and arranged to be easy to view in a nicely put together design. This site was put together with a lot of heart and soul mixed into it. I believe the Mitchell Family Online site is a good representative of the Casey's Celtic Charm purpose and mission statement.

I have chosen MFO: Mitchell Family Online my decision being based on user-friendliness, an overall design that is pleasant and attractive and the use of creative structure to get the Genealogical message across. The time and effort put in as well as a true affection for the subject clearly show from all pages.

The MFO: Mitchell Family Online is perfect as far as I can judge. It is unbelievable extensive and one has to return to it again and again to see it all. What a fantastic job! I could find no faults with it.

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