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Casey's Celtic Charm Awards program is now retired.
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General CriteriaWebsAwards Member Level 5 as of Jan 09, 2011AWARD SITES

To be eligible to earn these awards, you must first be certain that you meet the following general criteria as part of the pre-screening process. After you have determined that your site meets these general criteria requirements, please advance to the specific criteria section.

To be eligible
  • A minimum of eight pages of originally created works by the submitting Webmaster to be considered substantial content. This excludes guest books, forum entries, awards received pages, chat rooms and webrings.
  • Must be family-friendly content. No profanity, racism, illegal activity or content and no pornographic material. This includes adult-rated and rude jokes. No obscene or offensive content whatsoever. We do not consider tasteful artistic depictions of the human body to be pornographic material.
  • A copyright statement must reside on your site. Written credit must be given to the original artist or author of text, graphics or audio files where you do not have copyright ownership. For copyright information, visit What is copyright?
  • If your website is collecting personal information, you must have a privacy policy statement on your site. This includes but is not limited to email contacts.
  • A specifically dedicated page or pages that are easily located for the website awards you have won. Placing all your awards won on your index page is not sufficient.
  • Your site must be in the English language or have an English version. Use of a translator is not acceptable.
  • You must be the webmaster/webmistress of the nominated site for award consideration. This means the applicant must have complete control of the content within the site that is applying to this awards program.
  • Both personal and commercial websites may apply.
  • Only authorized fan sites are accepted. Submitter will be asked to verify by written proof of authorization for the said fan site, upon e-mail request.
  • Applicants under the age of 13 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to apply. This awards program observes and adheres to the requirements of C.O.P.P.A.
  • Required password for award application process.
automatic disqualification
  • Reapplication for site review before the required 120-day waiting period.
  • Computer freezes or crashes during the review process.
  • Bandwidth stealing or copyright infringement.
  • Trailing cursors, or any script, which interferes with or changes our default cursor.
  • Sites that use a full screen presentation, we require full browser controls.
  • Sites that use a scrolling text in the status bar.
  • Forced and or invasive pop-ups, unless generated by your free server of which you have no control over. This includes but is not limited to the following Spyware, Gator, and Comet Cursor.
  • Password protected or memberships required sites. The site must be accessible and viewable to the evaluators. Password or membership areas are permitted only if there is enough content viewable for evaluation.
  • DNS error codes.
  • Broken or misdirected internal links.
  • Content that encourages or pertains to human or animal cruelty.

Please proceed to the specific criteria page.

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