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Is It Coincidence
or Is It Fate
Casey's Greetings

Is It Coincidence or Is It Fate

Where do I begin with the explanation of this occurrence! Many could read into it with meaningful hope, and yet others with skepticism. Is it coincidence or is it fate – you must decide for yourself. All I can do is tell the encounter as it occurred.

Many years ago in a friendly online contest, Casey was fortunate to win a beautiful pewter dog-tag with his name engraved on the back of the medallion. He proudly wore this tag on his collar for the remainder of his life. When he made his final journey to the rainbow bridge, this tag became so personally meaningful to me. This was all that remained my memories and this tag.

I removed the tag from his collar, and placed it on my keychain to keep it close to me always. It remained on my keychain for 3 years, until last year on a cold and snowy winter day I noticed it was missing from my keychain. I was horrified; it had obviously broken off due to the very cold weather we were experiencing. I had absolutely no idea when nor where I lost it, and had no idea where to start looking for it. I looked for it everywhere; to no avail I felt it was lost forever. Hard as this was I just had to accept my loss. I realize this may sound melodramatic, but It felt like I was symbolically grieving a loss all over again, blaming myself for this happening.

Eventually the springtime weather came, and the warmth of the sun began to melt the wintery blanket of snow. David was out in the yard clearing away some of the melting snow. He came into the house with tears in his eyes. Of course I was concerned, what had happened to cause this reaction!

He held out his outstretched arm with his hand clenched, and then opened it for me to see what was inside. I looked down to see what was revealed. I immediately began to sob; it was Casey’s name tag. He found it beside my car which had been there all along under the winter blanket. Of all the places I searched, I could have never thought it possible it could have been right at home where Casey loved most.

It was as if he was giving us a message ‘See I am still here, I am not lost & I have not left you’!

I realize too you this may sound like a desperate grieving process; however we have had a few seemingly impossible occurrences. First the apple tree not blooming but for one bloom, and now this. Is it coincidence, or is it more?

Whatever it is, I am comforted that a small portion of Casey’s memory has been returned to me. The tag is no longer on my keychain; it is in a much safer place now.

Medallion – Back ViewMedallion – Back View
Medallion – Front ViewMedallion – Front View

We invite you to read all about Colby & Callie as their stories unfold.

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