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Casey's Greetings
Welcome to Caseys Celtic Charm
In memory of our beloved Casey September 14, 1991 - May 27, 2005

In memory of our beloved Casey

We are so pleased to welcome you to our little home on the web. This site is best viewed with a lovable dog cuddled up on your lap. Let me briefly explain what you will find within our pages and how to navigate this site.

The banner at the top of every page is a image map and has the main section links. When you click each section, there is a sub-navigational tool located to the left hand column of that page. This sub-navigational column will easily take you through all the pages listed in that section. The main section links are also located at the bottom of each page for your navigational convenience.

terriers-button  This site celebrates the wonderful bond that we share with our canine companions. You will meet and learn about Casey, Colby & Callie, our pet wire-fox terriers. Read about Casey's life story that spanned over thirteen years, which includes many photos in the photo gallery. Enjoy the playful antics of Colby & Callie, as their stories unfold. Meet Colby's & Callie's friends and family, and read their stories.

terriers-button  There is a section devoted entirely to this type of breed, the wire-fox terrier. Learn about the breed and its characteristics.

terriers-button  We have met so many terrific people who also share a special bond with their pets. Many of these devote pet-lovers have sent wonderful letters and photos sharing their stories. Many of these letters are very heart-warming and some heart-breaking, and we are delighted by their friendships. Though we do prefer to keep these letters private. However we would like to share with you our pen pal "friends photos."

terriers-button  We have some beautiful tributes to those pets who have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.

terriers-button  There is a section for canine health concerns. Over the last ten years we have encountered a few health problems with Casey. We felt the information included here would be both useful and helpful to our visitors.

terriers-button  Learn about the webmasters of this site. We have included a little information about who we are, our interests and about our city.

terriers-button  In our interactive section you will find our guest books, voting links, add-a-links, card shop, search engines, links, webrings and web resources.

terriers-button  Finally, in our awards section you will find Casey's Celtic Charm Awards Program, as well as the awards this site has won.

terriers-button  Our e-mail address is on every page and is located at the top and bottom right hand corners. We do enjoy your feedback regarding this site. If you encounter any problems or broken links, we do appreciate you dropping us a note to let us know.

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