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Casey's Celtic Charm Awards program is now retired.
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Specific CriteriaWebsAwards Member Level 5 as of Jan 09, 2011AWARD SITES

The specific criteria shall be evaluated under four sub-headings. They are content, design and layout, navigation, and lasting impression. In each of these areas there is a maximum point value assigned. The scores from each of these four sections are then added together for your final score.

Content 30 points possible to earn

pointerSee tips for details

  • Site has a central theme or subject which is evident from your entry page.
  • The entry page should entice the viewer into your site.
  • The site educates its visitors creatively.
  • Content is structured and organized into sections.
  • Attention is given to correct spelling and grammar structure.
  • We expect to see evidence of regular site maintenance. We allow no more than 5 broken external links.
  • Method of showing the viewer what they can expect to find within your site. For example, site map, index, overview, menu or a table of contents.
Design & Layout 30 points possible to earn

pointerSee tips for details

  • All pages must have a consistent appearance.
  • Layout of graphics and text should be well spaced.
  • The site is functional with both Netscape 4.7 or higher and Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • Images are free of pixilated edges.
  • All pages must be pleasing to the eye. Use backgrounds that lend a concept or theme to enhance your subject matter.
  • All image graphics must have height, width and Alt tags in the coding.
  • Keep pages to 4 "page down" scrolls on 1024 X 768 screen resolution.
  • Limit animations to two per page.
  • All Images load properly.
  • Text uses web appropriate fonts in readable sizes and contrasting colors.
  • Good page planning with no unintentional horizontal scrolling on 1024 X 768 screen resolution.
  • All scripts must be functional without error messages.
  • All pages load within 60 seconds at 56 kbps modem or have a load indicator.
  • If your navigational tool is located at the top of your page, you must have a "to the top" command at the bottom of your page.
Navigation 25 points possible to earn

pointerSee tips for details

  • Navigational tool must be user-friendly, organized and consistent throughout the entire site without the use of browser navigation.
  • Opening an internal link in a new window should have an obvious reason.
  • External links should open a new window.
  • There should be multiple methods or alternate options for navigation.
Lasting Impression 15 points possible to earn

pointerSee tips for details

These points are purely subjective. The evaluators will be asking themselves the following questions:

  • Was I taught something by the site's content?
  • Was I shown creativity by its creator?
  • Was I mesmerized by the content and beauty of the site?
  • Was I left wondering how I could aspire to become as talented a Webmaster?

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