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Casey's Celtic Charm Awards program is now retired.
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SOTY Award

It is with great pleasure, and pride that Casey's Celtic Charm Awards Program announces our annual Site of the Year (SOTY) award entitled "Colby's Choice".

Sample of SOTY Award
Platinum Award

The highest award we have to offer, which is given to those sites that exemplify our mission statement fully. We leave the site feeling awestruck by the sites content and presentation.

Sample of Platinum Award
Gold Award

This award is reserved for those sites that have all the elements needed for a platinum award, but have slightly less impact with respect to content and presentation.

Sample of Gold Award
Silver Award

This award is reserved for those sites that have strong and informative content, but less of an impact on the presentation.

Sample of Silver Award
Bronze Award

This award is reserved for sites that have shown great potential for building upon the sites content and the presentation.

Sample of Bronze Award
Merit Award

This award is given to sites that have demonstrated their commitment and passion toward their sites development.

Sample of Merit Award

Award LevelsPoints requiredImage WeightImage Size
 SOTY Award        N/A        13.7 kb    183 X 110
 Platinum Award        95-100        8.0 kb    110 X 158
 Gold Award        90-94        7.4 kb    110 X 158
 Silver Award        83-89        7.2 kb    110 X 158
 Bronze Award        76-82        7.6 kb    110 X 158
 Merit Award        69-75        8.2 kb    110 X 158

Casey's portrait as seen above and within each award graphic, is an original hand drawn creation by Wendy Russell.

Please proceed to the scoring page.

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